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The Pursuit of Justice (Short Film)

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

In this short-film, two women face their individual fears and form a bond, trusting that it will lead to justice for many others. The primary purpose of this #shortfilm is to #motivate others to "be a voice" as it relates to #sex trafficking, sexual/emotional/physical #abuse, and sexual assault; whether it be by sharing personal stories and/or serving as an #advocate who encourages others to speak out and/or seek assistance, #restoration, #restitution, and ultimately, #justice. Our goal is to empower women to be change agents in this arena and BE THE VOICE...

Jessica Otse Idaewor was casted to play along side me in this film, which was inspired by my personal story. To read more about my personal story, please visit

Thank you for watching!

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"The Pursuit of Justice"

Written by: Lyndsay Wrensen

Directed by: Lyndsay Wrensen

Assistant Director: Jessica Otse Idaewor

Produced by: Lyndsay Wrensen

Cinematographer: Neriah Kharece

Editor: Neriah Kharece

Music Score: Amore Brewer


Living Life Fully Alive,


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