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I have had a passion for fighting human trafficking since my early twenties, when I began researching the topic for a needs assessment committee as part of the Junior League of Atlanta. During this time, I was working as a corporate psychology consultant in Atlanta. After moving to California for a new position in the same field, I began volunteering to support the cause with a local non profit. Anti-human trafficking later became my platform in various national pageants. Ironically, several years later, while writing my Ph.D. dissertation, I saw it first-hand when I was rescued from potentially being trafficked out my own home through a work situation in the city of Atlanta, one of the major hubs of human-trafficking. 


After a season of recovery and rehabilitation, I decided to get more involved with fighting human trafficking. I began volunteering with an NGO based in Florida rescuing victims. I moved into leadership positions with two partner organizations, where I served as their International Director of Victim Services, still serving in a volunteer capacity. I later put on a non-profit on hold while working in the mental health arena, obtained my minister credentials through Logos Global Network, and I began speaking on the topic at various conferences. This eventually led to being hired as an Executive Director of a Managed Organization for an International Ministry with a passion for the cause. My primary goal was to connect providers of refuge, restoration, and reintegration for survivors at a national level. Although funding was lost immediately before the launch of the project and I have since worked in the field, I still consider myself an advocate against the perversion of human trafficking. I have a passion for social justice and feel strongly about the topic.


I certainly believe that rehabilitation, recovery, restoration, and restitution is possible. As a survivor and overcomer, I am living proof of this!

I believe the Lord allowed me to walk through years ago to gain an inside view of what actually occurs behind the dark doors of sex trafficking. I believe I was rescued so that I could be a voice for those whose cries cannot be heard from those dark places; those trapped in utter despair, and perhaps be a voice for those who are potential targets for traffickers. If the Lord allowed me to walk through a fire without being burned and His story of my redemption saves one life, I consider the life experience worth it! I thank God that He allowed me to see behind that door yet protected me in the process simply so I could be heard today standing on the other side of the door as a new woman: a woman who knows her identity, although the attempt was to strip me from it and prevent me from fulfilling my destiny. Fortunately, I serve a mighty King. As a believer, I know I am to be a light in this world. Today, I hold my light high and refuse to allow the flame to burn out or be hidden behind dark doors.  One light in the darkness can start a fire, and that fire can break the chains that attempt to keep others in captivity... to keep others in darkness. I believe it is my purpose to pass that light along to others.


I have a passion for reaching others who need inspiration. For booking information and speaking engagements in the Atlanta area, please contact me. Although I do not charge for speaking engagements locally, I certainly accept love offerings. I would love to share the story of how God took a broken Child of God and turned her into a Warrior.

Click here to see a list of my speaking engagements in this arena. 

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