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After obtaining my Master's in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, my career initially focused on corporate psychology/management consulting, including research, analytics, metrics & assessment, leadership development, employee satisfaction, organizational capabilities, career coaching, 360 development, and talent management. 

I worked as an external corporate psychology consultant at an external Corporate Psychology and Management Consulting Firm for several years, where I served as a project manager for all employee satisfaction surveys, including project planning, survey design, communication with clients, data analysis, reporting, presentations, and maintenance of database. I found great joy in presenting survey results to executives and department heads and perform consulting work with leaders to develop action plans to increase survey scores. As I love researching and writing, I enjoyed developing white papers on the relationship between employee satisfaction and organizational outcomes such as turnover, absenteeism, quality, and customer satisfaction. I also served as a  consultant for a variety of corporate psychology projects, including 360-degree feedback, and exit interviewing. This position also required ongoing prospecting, marketing to obtain new clients, and web site development. The majority of my clients were in the health care arena. 

Later, I began working for marketing department at Cisco Services as an Organizational Capabilities Analyst. In this position, I designed and implemented Marketing 360 assessments, implemented and managed a Marketing Professional Effectiveness Dashboard, which included ongoing business impact and ROI analysis, and managed external paper and conference submission and speaking engagements. I was involved with delivering services, such as training programs focused on Situational Leadership, New Role Acceleration, Social Styles, and Emotional Intelligence. I aided marketing stakeholders in ad hoc survey, focus group, and interview design, provided guidance on the design of metrics for all organizational capability and professional effectiveness programs, and assisted with tracking program and service usage and trends. Furthermore, I managed the 
biannual Marketing Professional Effectiveness Survey, which included advisory services for interpretation of results and recommended action plans. Finally, this position required ensuring all databases meet the needs of ongoing tracking and measurement process, including the development of data collection plans.


Links to sample white papers: 

Increasing Participation in Employee Engagement Survey Feedback Meetings

Employee Engagement & Satisfaction Surveys: Implications of High Response Rates & Tips for Increasing Participation


Prior to graduate school, I served as a corporate recruiter. While obtaining my Master's, I worked as a Human Resources Acting Manager/Generalist for several years, starting off as an intern. I directed all employee staffing including recruiting, testing, interviewing, orientations, and new hire paperwork, as well as associate terminations,  which sometimes required representing the company in legal situations. I also coordinated all associate relations events and programs, handled associate relations issues, and ran and presented various training programs to the leadership team which were implemented company-wide (HRIS training, performance appraisals, etc.). This position required directing various employee committees such as those related to health and aiding the Benefits Coordinator with health care benefits, 401K, and Worker’s Compensation. My favorite task was 

assisting the Human Resources Director with a variety of HR related projects (i.e., career development programs, compensation projects, HR procedures projects, Six Sigma Projects, etc.). I also served as a graduate assistant during this time, where I developed and oversaw the Introduction to Psychology grade book, graded all examinations, and delegated responsibility to other graduate students. During the summer, I also worked as a research assistant in another academic department interviewing reporters, conducting analyses, and writing papers for conferences related to a specific research project. 


I began volunteering with an NGO based in Florida rescuing victims. I moved into leadership positions with two partner organizations, where I served as their International Director of Victim Services, still serving in a volunteer capacity. I later put on a non-profit on hold while working in the mental health arena and began speaking on the topic at various conferences, which eventually led to being hired as an Executive Director of a Managed Organization for an International Ministry with a passion for the cause. My primary goal was to connect providers of refuge, restoration, and reintegration for survivors at a national level. Although funding was lost immediately before the launch of the project and I have since worked in the field, I still consider myself an advocate against the perversion of human trafficking and sit on several boards. I have a passion for social justice and feel strongly about the topic and serve as a Spokesperson for The Tru Grit Foundation. Please click here for more information on my personal story related to human trafficking and why I went into this arena.  


While volunteering in the non-profit realm, I worked in clinical psychology conducting psychological assessments within a behavioral health and substance use disorder treatment center setting. I love working with this population!


When I was 18, I had the opportunity to supply teach in the State of Georgia as a French teacher after completing my first year of college due to the urgent need for a French speaker! I have substitute taught off and on since then. For the last three years, I have enjoyed working with PreK-12 grade students. I love working with those with special needs. 

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