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Lyndsay Wrensen, an Atlanta-native, earned her B.S. in Psychology and B.A. in Sociology from The University of Georgia, and her Master’s degree in Industrial & Organizational Psychology from the University of Tennessee. She was awarded the Dan Mack Scholarship Award for exceptional performance in academia and in the field of Industrial/Organizational Psychology and has several presentations/interactive poster sessions to her credit. After obtaining her Masters, she worked as an external consultant for a corporate psychology/management consulting firm, and later moved to California, where she worked as an Organizational Capabilities Analyst/Consultant for Cisco Systems, Inc.. She then attended Walden University for her doctorate in Organizational Psychology. During this time, she hosted a television show in Berkeley, California, was an active member in several professional organizations in her field as well as The Junior League, and she placed fourth runner up in The Ms. America Pageant, with her platform being anti-human trafficking.

Ms. Wrensen then became a Licensed Minister through Logos Global Network in 2014 after entering the Faith-based non-profit realm fighting human trafficking. She worked in the mental health field conducting clinical assessments while volunteering with an NGO rescuing victims of human trafficking. She later served as The International Director of Victim Services for a faith-based nonprofit and an NGO, and the Executive Director of a Managed Organization in this arena for an International Ministry. During this time, she was a national speaker and advocate in the anti-human trafficking arena. 

Ms. Wrensen has an extensive background in the Arts dating back to early childhood. In 2017, she decided to follow her childhood dream. In her spare time, she finds fulfillment in artistic endeavors. She has an extensive background working as an actress, vocalist, songwriter, recording artist, spokesmodel, screenwriter, and producer. She also has a backgrounding in hosting live and televised events as well as podcasts, serving as an emcee, and working as an air-air radio host. 

Lyndsay is also very fond of Health, Wellness, and Fitness. She is very fond of yoga, dance, clean eating, resistance training, and exploring new activities that keep her physically fit and living life fully alive in Christ!

In addition to being in front of and behind the camera, Ms. Wrensen is a visionary who feels her true purpose is to bring JOY to others using her creative talents to give others a voice. Her first book, Salt Water: A Memoir of Remembrance, which is based on a part of her powerful testimony as an overcomer in Christ, was released in 2020. 


Lyndsay has a passion for helping others (1) discover their true identity, (2) assisting them in taking action towards their goals despite their individual challenges in life, and (3) motivating and encouraging them along their journey while living live life fully alive!

What Makes Me Feel Most Alive
Lyndsay Wrensen

I believe our talents and gifts were given to us freely to be used to glorify the Lord. I am an actress, vocalist,  songwriter, writer,  screenwriter, and producer. I love wearing multiple hats in the tv/film industry, but my primary focus is acting. 


Lyndsay Wrensen

I absolutely love healthy eating and staying fit! I have an amazing story of overcoming a health situation through prayer, worship, fitness, and food! What was once a weakness, has now become a strength. That is how the Lord works... His power is made perfect in weakness!


Freedom in Christ

I love ministry. I have a heart for worship, primarily leading prophetic worship. I have also served in prophetic and healing and deliverance ministries.


My former background consists of fighting human trafficking in the faith-based arena. 

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