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Lyndsay Wrensen, Author or Salt Water: A Memoir of Remembrance
Lyndsay Wrensen, Author or Salt Water: A Memoir of Remembrance
Lyndsay Wrensen, Author or Salt Water: A Memoir of Remembrance

My First Book is Now Available!

I have overcome many trials because of the power, love, grace, and mercy of Jesus Christ! The testimony shared in Salt Water includes overcoming sexual abuse, a battle with addiction, and a VERY close call to losing my life. It is a miracle that the Lord saved me so that this story could be used to share His message of grace, mercy, love, and redemption, and endless love! I firmly believe this story will be used for His glory!

Salt Water: A Memoir of Remembrance, includes just a part of the powerful testimony the Lord has given me. Geared towards females in their late teens into early adulthood, this book is intended to give hope and encouragement to those facing various trials, struggling with deep wounds, or simply want to draw closer to the Lord in times of uncertainty. The events I describe in this book serve as valuable lessons I believe the Lord has entrusted me to pass along to younger generations. Perhaps this is the reason He saved my life multiple times!


Just as salt water stings when applied to a wound, God may allow certain struggles and pain to gain our attention so that we may turn back to Him and be willing to be used in a new way for His glory! God is a God of second chances. He never stops pursuing us, even when we fall short of His glory. 

Salt Water is the story of God's ultimate protection and grace over my life and how He saved me in a miraculous way in my late twenties. It is a personal testimony of the power of the Lord to overcome, set captives free, and overturn the plans of the enemy, simply because of His undying love for His children.


It is my prayer that those who read this book will see that God is a God of new beginnings, and nothing is impossible with Him- even the toughest of situations. 


Lyndsay Wrensen, Author or Salt Water: A Memoir of Remembrance

I have a background in various ministries, such as leading worship. I am grateful to have participated with various worship sets at several ministries that operate in the prophetic.  My greatest passion is Prophetic Worship.


I also have a background in inner-healing & deliverance as well as the prophetic. I am blessed to have received various training in all these areas in addition to obtaining my ministerial credentials in 2014 about the same time I began leading teams at an executive-level in the Faith-based anti-human trafficking arena and speaking at a national level. 

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