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Professional Life Coaching 

For Women in Search of the Divine Call on Their Life & the Motivation, Encouragement, & Strategies to Execute and Fulfill Their True Purpose 

Do You feel You Are Living Life Fully Alive To Your Full Potential?

We all have career goals... health goals... business goals... relationship goals... financial goals... health goals... dreams... visions.. and aspirations...

But sometimes, we get stuck. Perhaps we have other responsibilities and find ourselves overwhelmed and feel we lack the time to pursue those dreams. Perhaps we simply doubt our potential. Life happens, and oftentimes, we develop fears or mindsets that limit our belief systems. Maybe we have trouble following through with the goals we set due to distractions, hesitations, or ambivalence. Perhaps we lack clarity as to our purpose in life and need assistance seeing the forest through the trees in one or more areas of our life. I have been there! We have all been there at some point in time. The truth is... we all need accountability, encouragement, and motivation to pursue our dreams. This is why WE ALL NEED A LIFE COACH.  

I would be honored to be a part of your journey of living life fully alive!

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General Coaching Session Information

Coaching session are held via Zoom and are uniquely tailored to the individual. However, a typical 45-minute coaching session includes:

  • Reviewing progress, changes since the last session, and any homework

  • Determining which goals to address

  • Exploring options, action-steps, and solutions

  • Creating an action-plan

  • Assigning relevant homework

The First Session~ Intake

The intake session is a 45-minute session that involves the following: discussing the scope of coaching, ethics,  confidentiality, methods of communication, roles and expectations involved in the coach-client relationship, and priority areas and desired goals to be achieved from coaching. After booking your first session, you will be asked to complete and return a pre-coaching questionnaire. This questionnaire, along with additional assessments, will also be explored during the initial intake session.  

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What does a Life Coach do?

  • A life coach helps you DREAM BIGGER...

  • A life coach encourages self-discovery...

  • A life coach helps you see the vision for your life...

  • A life coach assists you in seeing what may be holding you back...

  • A life coach assists you in developing action-oriented measurable plans to reach your goals... 

  • A life coach holds you accountable and reminds you what you set out to do...

  • A life coach assists in in seeing the silver lining in challenging situations or obstacles and helps you navigate through those situations...

  • A life coach challenges you to see your full potential and not lower your standards for success...

  • A life coach encourages you and reinforces your progress when reaching your goals seems lofty...

  • A life coach is a support system that says, "Yes, you can!" when the world says, "No, it's not possible."

  • A life coach empowers you to take the next step... say no to doubt or fear... and say yes to believing in fulfilling your true potential

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Life Coaching Services

Click here to view my current coaching services! I offer one-time individual sessions as well as reduced rate coaching packages. 


New Client Special Offer~

50% off Initial Session

Interested in exploring if life coaching is right for you? I am now offering a reduced rate of 50% off your first session. Click here to learn more!

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Is Coaching the Same as Therapy?

Coaching is not the the same as therapy. Although I have credentials in a specific field of psychology as well as a background in mental health, I am not a licensed mental health therapist, and I do not conduct therapy session. However, I do use therapeutic tools to help people increase their emotional wellbeing, change their thinking, reframe past experiences, set and achieve goals, increase motivation, make life changes, learn new skills, and see their true identity. Some of these tools include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Therapeutic Art.